Wednesday, 28 January 2015

OUGD401 'No Logo' by Naomi Klein

In a tutorial, Richard told me I should look into the book No Logo by Naomi Klein. We have also been set a task to read a chapter of a book and summarise it. For this reason, I am going to read a chapter of "No Logo".

The first chapter of the book, in summary, is about how companies 'obsessions' with brand identity is creating war on public and individual space and on instituations such as schools, identities and the concept of nationality and on the possibility for unmarketed space. The more an industry can produce, the higher its income will be in the end. When brands are formed, the focus drifts from the manufacturing towards marketing of the brand and the brand design. There is a specific formula used when marketing a brand, called pseudoscientific. This said process includes never mentioning their rivals. The public generally become interested in specific brands when they are worth a lot more.

If one cuts prices on the market, there would be an avalanche, which is the welcoming to the value generation. After the boom, families generally bought more brands. Housewives wanted the best for their children. Brands introduced new cleaning and other substances. Families had the ability to buy the best products and only wanted the best products. In the past, it was all about advertising products, however nowadays it is about marketing and brand image.