Thursday, 20 October 2016

OUGD601 Useful Dissertation Links

Thursday, 13 October 2016

OUGD601 Tutorial 1

For this tutorial, it was advised in a COP3 Lecture to have the question for the dissertation done. For this reason, I only really had this to discuss and also the research that I was currently undertaking.
I had the following written out:
'To what extent does gender have an impact on the creative industry?' and 'To what extent does the creative industry have an impact on gender?'
In my tutorial, we discussed these at length and how I got to this point. This was because of my previous essay in second year as I really enjoyed answering the question 'To what extent does sexuality have an impact on the creative industry?'
My tutor suggested that I should change the 'creative industry' to 'visual culture', as this covers the artwork more than the actual industry.
He also suggested that I should try to answer the following:
'What is the role of gender within visual culture?' or 'What is the relationship between gender and visual culture?'
We also discussed some other books and theorists that I should begin looking into. These are below.
R. W. Connell - Masculinities - primary research, person histories
Rachael O'Neill
Eric Anderson - Inclusive Masculinity

After my tutorial, I followed Simon's advice and changed my essay title to the following:

'To what extent is there a relationship between gender and visual culture?'

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

OUGD601 Research Focus Presentation & Feedback

Before writing the dissertation, it is beneficial to get some feedback on a rough essay plan, the question chosen for the essay and also a plan of chapters for the essay. Below is the presentation created that will be presented to a small group for feedback on ideas and the subject in general.

The question I am going to aim to answer in my essay has been decided due to the essay I wrote last year as it will link back to that essay as it is a similar topic. I really enjoyed researching about and it also means that the dissertation will be a kind of expansion or further exploration from second year. Within this, I thought it would be beneficial to look at the following:

-The Sexual Revolution
- Homosexuality
- Influential artists, e.g. Tracey Emin
- The Male Gaze
- Sexualisation of women in advertising
- The Guerrilla Girls
- Postfeminism
- Taboo

I think it will be helpful to present a vague essay plan to get an idea of how my essay should be structured. I created this more for myself and for feedback more than an actual essay plan, as of course it is very vague and I would just like to have some direction for myself to follow and also to get some feedback.

I then added a slide to my presentation about the books that I have been looking at over summer. I haven't had a chance to get the book by Rosalind Gill out of the library yet as recommended by Simon, however it is a book that I will definitely be looking at as a lot of the research I have done online about Gill suggests that it will be a very helpful book when writing my essay.

Finally, I created a slide for practical work. This slide is left blank, as I am still not sure of the outcome for the project at this stage, however I think it would be quite a nice idea to create a book similar to the book I created last year, as it would show that it is a further exploration of a similar topic - however it will all depend on the research that I decide to include in my essay, so I am not limiting myself to a publication design.


The feedback I got from the group and Amber was helpful and mostly positive. I was asked what I believe the outcome will be, and I believe that gender will have an impact on the creative industry. I was also advised to amend the way I have written my question as it was suggested that its very similar to my previous essay and it would be a lot better to explore the relationship between them both rather than the impact.

It was also suggested that I definitely shouldn't limit myself to making a publication and to only begin the practical work once I have written a big chunk of my essay so that I will definitely be answering the question within both my essay and the practical work.