Monday, 30 November 2015

OUGD501 Primary Research & Considerations, Study Task Six (Studio Brief One)

Identify research aims, research method, population and sample.

Within my research, I will need to gather a range of research that all suggests that sexuality has an impact on the creative industry.

I could do this by interviewing people, reading news articles and asking people their opinions. 

Sunday, 22 November 2015

OUGD501 Possible Quotes (Studio Brief One)

"Cause I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it
Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it
Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But chains and whips excite me."

Rihanna S&M

"[N]o one appeared to wonder whether this S-M proliferation was a lesbian copy of a faggot imitation of patriarchal backlash against feminism."

Robin Morgan, "The Politics of Sado-Masochistic Fantasies", in Going Too Far: The Personal Chronicle of a Feminist, p 235.

"What all these people are doing is not aggressive; they are inventing new possibilities of pleasure with strange parts of their body - through the eroticization of the body. I think it's...a creative enterprise, which has as one of its main features what I call the desexualization of pleasure."

- Quote in Aldrich, Robert and Wotherspoon, Gary (Eds.) Who's Who: In Gay and Lesbian History from Antiquity to World War II (2001), in reference to S/M.

OUGD501 Mapping an Essay, Study Task Five (Studio Brief One)

To what extent does sexuality have an impact on the creative industry?


  • This essay will address the social movement of the sexual revolution (also known as sexual liberation) from 1960s to the 1980s, however I am not solely going to focus on this era, I will cover the contemporary revolution that is happening in current day, such as fetish, female sexuality and gender fluidity. I will also discuss the impact that the sexual revolution has had on the media and creative industries and vice versa. 

4 main points of argument.

  • The role of the mass media in the 1960s and how the media still impacts society today in relation to sex, for example documentaries shown on television and sex shops. Analyse an advert and evaluate if it has been affected by the sexual revolution. 
  • Analyse specific artists such as Tracey Emin, who impacted many people by creating 'shocking' artwork at the time and how it has encouraged other artists to push further with their own design.
  • Discuss the impact that the sexual revolution had on feminism, and contrast it with the new theory of 'meninism'. This is also a crucial part of the essay where you can discuss 'Guerilla Girlz'.
  • I will create a counter argument using the book 'The Failure of the Sexual Revolution' and argue this. I will also discuss Freud and his opinions on society and the sexual revolution. 
More points of argument:
  • Brief history of The Sexual Revolution.
  • The Failure of the Sexual Revolution.
  • Analyse specific artists such as Tracey Emin and the impact that they have had on the creative industry with controversial artwork.
  • Mass media in the 1960s & how the media still impacts society today in relation to sex - e.g. documentaries on television.
  • Analyse an advert from pre-revolution and post-revolution & evaluate if it has been affected by the sexual revolution.
  • Discuss the availability of sex toys & general sex due to sex shops and the internet, for example Tinder, Grindr and Her.
  • The impact that the sexual revolution has on Feminism - contrast this with meninism. This is a key point to discuss the Guerilla Girlz & use quotes from their book.
  • Analyse a theory from Freud that is relevant.

Monday, 9 November 2015

OUGD501 Practical Investigation Requirements, Study Task Four (Studio Brief One)

1.What is your research question?

My research question is 'To what extent does sexuality have an influence on the creative industry?'
2.Do you have a hypothesis (an assumed conclusion that you will endeavour to prove)?

I am going to try to prove that sexuality does have an impact on the creative industry, but also that the creative industry has an impact on sexuality. Within this, it could also cover how the media has a huge influence too.
3.What are the contexts of your research interests?

4.Sources of primary/secondary research.

News articles, galleries, publications, websites.
5.How will your practical work relate to your written work (synthesis)?

My practical work will have to relate closely to one of the points discussed in my essay. I'm assuming my essay will be very broad as there are a lot of subjects to cover, so as long as it relates closely to one of the topics discussed then this should be achievable. I will have to write a synthesis to make sure it is obvious where the practical work idea came from.
6.What methods will you use to research, develop, create and test your work?

As of yet, I'm not 100% sure that my work will need to be tested, it depends what the practical will be. If it is a publication, it will have to be very conceptual.

Monday, 2 November 2015

OUGD501 Establishing a Research Question, Study Task Three (Studio Brief One)

Suggested Research Question

I've been doing some research and I think it would be really interesting to write an essay about sexuality, however I will need to discuss with Simon if this is appropriate as I am unsure how I can discuss this within Graphic Design.

Which Of The Module Resources Does This Question Relate To?

This could relate to advertising, as women and men are depicted very differently, as women are often sexualised. 

Which Academic Sources Are Available On The Topic?

Bignell, J. (2002) Media Semiotics. Manchester: Manchester University Press. Chapters 1 and 2

How Could The Research Question Be Investigated Through Practice?

It could be investigated multiple different ways, whether it is branding a sex shop, creating a campaign or publication.