Monday, 4 May 2015

OUGD401 Evaluation

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed the module as I think I have been very challenged, especially with the written side as I don't think I have ever written an essay involving so many facts and not solely based on opinion/interpretation. I think this has truly challenged me as I had to learn to write in a completely different style. I really struggled with this, also especially Harvard Referencing correctly. I really enjoyed the practical side, however, as I think it really tested me and it was the first branding project that I started that wasn't for just a day, it was quite a big project and I think I put a lot of effort into it that paid off.

I think a strength of this project was my logo design, as I was very persistent and wanted to create the best logo for the brand. I think I have succeeded in this, as although the logo doesn't exactly work at a tiny scale, it doesn't exactly need to as the logo will mainly be on packaging, websites and recipe cards. I think another strength of mine was probably also the packaging design, as I think it was a big decision changing the packaging entirely from a tin to frozen food, however I think it would definitely sell as it is now branded at a completely different, upper class market.

I think a weakness of this project was probably my written essay, as I struggled with this a lot and found it incredibly challenging to stick to facts. However, I think overall I have written a good essay and I will know that for next year that I should start writing it earlier and get as much help with it as possible. I think another weakness of this project was time management, as I didn't think designing myself a logo would take so long, as I struggled choosing a good one, however I think this paid off in the end and I'm really happy with the final outcome.

OUGD401 Product Placement

The product is generally placed quite low on the shelves at the moment as it doesn't sell too well, however with my rebrand it can now be placed at the very top of the shelves, so will therefore be noticed a lot more and in turn sell a lot more products. As it will now be branded as a kind of pate, it will be on the top shelf, opposed the the bottom of the tin shelf. 

Saturday, 2 May 2015

OUGD401 Recipe Cards

I decided that as the original packaging had recipes on, I would create a small leaflet with a recpie on as well, kind of a collectable, as each would be distributed inside a Spam packet, so therefore it would also encourage buying the product as the people will want more recipes. I think this is successful as it's very simplistic and therefore fits with the brand that I have recreated. I also think the photograph works well as it is a high quality image that I found online.

OUGD401 Photographs of Product

I then made the product and took some photographs of the final packaging. I printed the wrap around label onto matt stock, although I printed it with a lazor printed so it still looks a litte shiny. 

I then took some photographs with the Spam inside the packaging. I think it's effective because the colour of the meat contrasts really well with the blue label. 

OUGD401 3D Packaging

I then started designing some packaging for my product. I wanted my packaging to be really minimal and clean to read. I also wanted some of the texture from my logo to be visible in the design. I decided to justify the type because I thought it would make it easier to read and also look more aesthetically pleasing.  This is the first design I came up with. I thought that the design was really successful, however I thought the colour scheme was a little harsh.

For this reason, I decided to do the opposite colours. I thought this was a lot more successful as it was less harsh on the eyes and it was more legible. I added the diagonal lines to break up the packaging, and I also thought it would help when creating the 3D packaging as it would help line both sides up straighter.

I then tested it on a blank slate. I thought it was incredibly successful, although obviously the type of meat inside the packaging would be different. I thought that the packaging fitted really effectively.