Wednesday, 30 March 2016

OUGD501 Practical - Stock Choice (Studio Brief One)

Ideally, I would really like this publication to be printed onto GF Smith Colourplan, however I have worked out the cost of this and it would cost £75 for the stock alone. For this reason, I am going to go for a cheaper option and print it on a thick newsprint. I have decided this, as it is the most similar stock to recycled paper, which would be conceptual as lesbian deaths are often recycled from other television shows.

This is the stock that I would've chose if I had the money.

GF Smith Colourplan Bright Red

GF Smith Colourplan Bright White

I chose these two colourplan stocks as they are very textured stocks and would therefore be very interactive with the reader, but also because they are incredibly contrasting with each other.

OUGD501 Practical - Final Publication (Studio Brief One)

This is my final publication that has been paginated for a coptic binding. It doesn't make much sense online as the numbers are all ordered very obscurely, however it will make sense once printed. The layout of the publication is the same for each page, as I wanted the publication to be very conceptual and come across very boring to symbolise how boring it is that all lesbian characters die.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

OUGD501 COP3 Introduction Lecture (Studio Brief One)

Deadline will be around the 12/13/14th January.
Stimulated Approach - Intuitive Approach - Systematic Approach - Intuitive Approach

Assimilation - General Study - Communication - Development (A strategy for researching into a problem)

Knowing that... (theoretical knowledge)
Knowing how... (practical knowledge)
Knowing where... (contextual knowledge)

Context of practice - theory/practice - knowing that & knowing how - synthesis

All research must have a purpose - find an answer to a question.
research paradigm.

"Research is formalised curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose" - Zora Neale Hurston

Purpose of research - Context of Practice (module) - (Scope & scale - relevance & usefulness) ((INITIAL RESEARCH QUESTION) - Context of Practice (individual) - Research proposal - part 1

"Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought" - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

What is there to study? (ontology)
How can we know about it?

Facts - Opinions (objective)= Knowledge (subjective)

If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it? - Albert Einstein


Choose one research q discussed in the lecture.

Produce a 10 slide pdf research proposal submitted via ISSUU on your COP blog.

Your proposal should focus on the development of a body of theoretical, contextual and practical research around an individually appropriate theme of subject relating to your selected question.

You should include:

Chosen research question
250 word introductory statement identifying a special area of individual interest within the research question.

You should include a minimum of:
-5 relevant/related subjects
-5 relevant quotes
-5 relevant books
-5 relevant websites
-5 relevant images
-5 relevant contextual references

Monday, 14 March 2016

OUGD501 Practical - Layout Development (Studio Brief One)

This was the first layout design that I came up with. I think it's actually a really interesting layout, which is why it won't be successful with the concept for my publication - it's too colourful and engaging, and the concept is to make the publication seem very dull. This would also be quite difficult to keep consistent, as a lot of the images of the actresses are very blurry and different sizes and shapes.

This is another layout I came up with. Again, I think this layout is an improvement on the previous purely for the concept, however again it would be difficult to keep consistent. I think the use of an image makes the publication seem more engaging in itself, so for this reason I think my publication should be solely text based.

 This is the layout that I have decided to go with, as its the most simple and dull, to adhere to my concept. The type will all be typeset, which will be time consuming in itself.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

OUGD501 Practical - Colour Scheme (Studio Brief One)

This is the colour scheme I have chosen for my publication and poster designs. I chose this colour scheme as the red will be very contrasting with the blacks and whites, so therefore it will bring in attention from the viewers. The red symbolises the bloodshed of the lesbian characters, and the black and white symbolises how boring the constant LGBT deaths are becoming to the LGBT community. 

OUGD501 Practical - Front Cover Designs (Studio Brief One)

 I want my front cover to be very minimal, however it will have to entice the reader in. To do this, I am thinking of using the colour red, as it will show the seriousness of the issue when contrasted with either grey or black. This is the first design I have come up with. The grey box would be measured precisely to show the percentage of lesbian deaths compared to the lesbians that live. It also gives the idea of a script as I want my whole publication to do.

This is the second design that I have come up with. It's incredibly minimal, however the idea would be to cut out the equality symbol from the front cover, and have acetate on the inside which will have noise like on a television screen. I think the change of stock would make the publication really enticing, and also the colour scheme and lack of text will make people want to pick it up to find out the content of the publication.

The second front cover design is the design I am going to use, as I think it will be the most enticing front cover, and it also gets the message across straight away to the community, as it is well known that the equals sign is a symbol for equality within the LGBT community. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

OUGD501 Evaluative Questions to Consider (Studio Brief One)

What were your initial aims?

The question posed in my essay was 'to what extent does sexuality have an impact on the creative industry?' In my essay, I aimed to come to a conclusion about the gender and sexual orientation of a person and whether it can effect the industry in which they are working. It also aims to discover if the creative industry has an effect on sexuality - such as the expression of sexuality and liberation from the Guerilla Girls.

What literature have you read that informs this work?

Freud, S. and Brill, A. (1946). Totem and taboo. New York: Vintage Books.
Frankl, G. (1974). The failure of the sexual revolution. London: Kahn and Averill.
Allyn, D. (2000). Make love, not war. Boston, Mass: Little, Brown.
Dyer, R. (2002). The culture of queers. London: Routledge.
Rothschild, D. (1995). Graphic novels. Englewood, Colo.: Libraries Unlimited.
Gallery, S. (2015). Tracey Emin - My Bed - Contemporary Art. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Nov. 2015].
Greenough, K. (2012). Sarah Lucas | Understanding Visual Culture - KRG Learning Blog. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Dec. 2015]., (2015). Barbara Kruger - Feminist Artist - The Art History Archive. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Dec. 2015].
Cube, W. (2015). Artist | White Cube. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Nov. 2015].
Mulvey, L. (1999). Visual pleasure and narrative cinema.
Berger, J. (1973). Ways of seeing. London: British Broadcasting Corp.
Wilkinson Sword, (2009). Mow The Lawn. [video] Available at: [Accessed 5 Dec. 2015].
Wilkinson Sword, (2015). #ReadyToDuel: Swordplay - Wilkinson Sword. [video] Available at: [Accessed 5 Dec. 2015].
Hooks, Bell (1984). Feminist Theory, From Margin To Centre. Cambridge, MA: South End Press classics. p. 149.
Chadwick, W. (1995). Confessions of the Guerrilla Girls. New York: HarperPerennial., (n.d.). fetish - definition of fetish in English from the Oxford dictionary. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Jan. 2016].
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Reporter, S. (2014). Eva Herzigova: Wonderbra ad empowered women. [online] Evening Standard. Available at: [Accessed 2 Jan. 2016].
Wonderbra, (n.d.). Ads of the World. [image] Available at: [Accessed 9 Jan. 2016]
FREE THE NIPPLE, (2016). Free the Nipple. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Jan. 2016].
4OD, (2015). High Class Call Girls. [video] Available at: [Accessed 5 Jan. 2016]., (2016). List of Gender Stereotypes. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Jan. 2016].
This Girl Can, (2016). This girl can - This Girl Can. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Jan. 2016].
TOMGIRL, (2016). Tomgirl Documentary. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Jan. 2016].

Carilli, T. and Campbell, J. (2005). Women and the media. Lanham, Md.: University Press of America.

Is the work effective (in terms of your aims)? In what ways? How do you know it's effective (testing)?

The work I am creating will be a publication, that in theory would be sent to writers and directors across the world. It would aim to point out the fact that the LGBT community isn't represented correctly in movies and television shows, by using facts to portray the fact that each LGBT movie ends poorly for one of the LGBT characters (if not both) - which can be a damaging cause to teenagers and young adults growing up, looking to movies for acceptance.

What are the successful elements and why?

This project will be successful as it aims to resolve problems that are very current in todays society.

What areas need improving or developing further and why?

The idea that the LGBT community could be potentially effected with deaths of certain leading role characters with such things as mental health issues will need to be backed up with facts and statistics.

Actors reviews/responses received by fans / journalists

Jenny's wedding
Ellen Degeneres - own show - gay character - show cancelled

Women in movies talking about men - pass test if don't talk about men - roles already written before occurred - sex / sexual persuasion already written.

Monday, 7 March 2016

OUGD501 Evaluating Practical Work, Study Task Eight (Studio Brief One)

What were your initial aims?
Initially, I wanted to get the message across that the lesbian community is highly misrepresented in television shows and that the characters are often killed off as they are considered not important or disposable. 
What processes / strategies have you used and why?
I am printing everything digitally just to save time as the publication is going to take a very long time to put together due to the amount of content. Ideally, however, it would be interesting to screen print some of the publication, as it would show that the lesbian character deaths really affect the fans - hand printing this would get some of this essence across.
What literature have you read that informs this work?
(See essay bibliography)
Is the work effective (in terms of your aims)? In what ways? How do you know it is effective (testing)?
I'd say the publication will definitely be effective in highlighting how disposable lesbian characters have become. It sets out to prove that the creative industry has an effect on sexuality, which I think is proven in itself, just because of the misrepresentation of lesbians.
Does it communicate what it should do (in what ways)?
Yes, as it proves how disposable LGBT characters are in the industry and that it is damaging to lesbians, as it gets the message across that being gay will never end well, when that definitely isn't the case.
What are the successful elements and why?
I think the actual layout of the publication will be successful, as it's incredibly conceptual. 
What areas need improving or developing further and why?
I think that the current front cover needs improving as it doesn't entice the viewer in as much as it should.

OUGD501 Feedback Session on Ideas & Concept (Studio Brief One)

For this group crit, we had to walk around the room and give feedback on other peoples ideas and practical work if they had started. I had yet to start designing my publication, so I just wrote out 3 questions that I wanted feedback on about the concept.

These questions were as follows:

1. What are your thoughts on the concept & why?

- Really concerning & frightening statistic which has a shock factor. The concept for this publication is strong and bold though.
- I think the concept is very stong as it is what could be seen as controversial topic there are many ways you could go with it, with stats & facts etc.
- An important issue to address, I think the concept is great, high impact large fonts especially works well and adds volume.
- This is exciting revolutionary and inspired. I think it's a fantastic opportunity because it is a pressing cultural issue that could redifine the graphical industry (so excited)

2. Do you think the colour scheme should be the same for the posters and the publication?

- This would keep it consistent. If you were to use the colours pink and blue it could be interesting.
- Yes, it will add consistency an make it feel almost like a campaign.
- Yes, consistent.
- Yes, I agree w/ above.
- Yes, but keep it minimal so it really highlights the content.
- Most definitely but use screen print to give each poster a unique and personal feel to bring some of the human passion of the issue into the design?

3. Should the publication feature tear-out posters?

- Yes, this would make it more interactive and memorable. Maybe pocket/business statements.
- I think this is a lovely idea, will just depend on the size really.
- Yes, means it will be interactive and the poster would be a reminder for the publicationof the issues it discusses.
- Yes, allows others to promote the same message.
- Yes makes it more activisty, could be put up anywhere to raise awareness.
- I feel anything promotional that can be added should be because of how important awareness is for the people the book will apply to. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

OUGD501 Practical - Concept (Studio Brief One)

The concept for my publication is pretty simple. It will be a showcase of all of the lesbian characters that have been killed off through-out history. As a minority already, there are not a lot of lesbian characters or LGBT characters in general in television, however when there is they are usually killed off pretty quickly, often leaving the LGBT community devastated.

This has been shown in the recent television show The 100. The character was killed off as the actress wanted to leave the show, however this isn't the point. The point is that the character was accidentally killed by a stray bullet meant for her girlfriend. The lesbian community understands that the actress wanted to leave the show, this isn't why they're mad. They are upset because the character had literally just become happy with her girlfriend and suddenly she was killed off.

My publication will be very conceptual. The contrast between lesbians that die and lesbians that live will be very obvious in it, to do this, I am thinking of binding the book with a coptic bind, and separating the lives and deaths with a different coloured stock.

The actual layout of the book will be conceptual also, as I will lay out the type to look like a script for a television show.

The publication will be very boring to look at, which is conceptual in itself as it shows that the lesbian community is bored of the constant heartache that comes when a lesbian character dies.