Wednesday, 6 July 2016

OUGD601 Proposal Presentation Feedback & Thoughts


‘This is an interesting focus and one with an important social message. Your reading list is fine but is quite dated. Try to access more current discourse in this field for example Rosalind Gill’s texts on Postfeminism and the media. Also, there is a tendency within this field to take the position of “critique”. This is fine as a theorist but problematic as a practitioner. As such, I would suggest that you endeavour to highlight where positive progress has been made and use these examples as a stepping stone for your own work.’


Having received this feedback and looking back on the presentation I made in Level 5, I agree with the comments made and will definitely check out the other sources recommended to me. For the rest of summer I am now going to check out some books from the library and start researching into my chosen topic.