Monday, 28 November 2016

OUGD601 Practical Brainstorm

Although having only just started the writing side of this project, I'm keen to write out some potential ideas for the practical side of the project, as both the written side and practical side should be an ongoing project and correlate together. For this reason, the brainstorm below shows some of the potential ideas for the practical side. 

1. Advert showing contrast, e.g. Tools, which are usually marketed through adverts with a very 'manly' man. It would be interesting to show contrast with a woman in the advert instead - to show that anybody could do DIY. It would also be interesting to show both men and women, as DIY isn't just for one gender.

2. Advert for product that is often gendered when it shouldn't be, for example razors, moisturiser... general facial products.

3. Advert for skate brand. For example a skate video that features both men and women, as most skate adverts only feature men. However, some brands such as 'girlsskate' on instagram are already conflicting the idea that only boys can skate.

4. An Advertisers manifesto - create a set of rules as a poster design that would be sent to advertising companies with a set of rules to avoid creating sexist adverts.

I'm not really set on any of these ideas, however I will speak to Simon in my next tutorial to find out if I should explore any of them further.

OUGD601 TurnItIn Interim Submission

This is the submission of a draft for TurnItIn. Simon had previously said that he won't be marking the TurnItIn submission, however I submitted it because I wanted to see how similar my essay was to others. 

Thursday, 17 November 2016

OUGD601 Tutorial 3

In this tutorial, Simon gave me feedback on the first draft of the first chapter of my essay. He suggested that I should have around 2,000 words written by this point in the previous tutorial, however as I hadn't written for a year or so I decided to write 1,500 words, as I wanted to make sure that I was writing, quoting and citing the essay correctly. I also wanted to make sure that I was writing enough about each section of the first chapter (see essay plan).

Simon said that I had made a good start on the essay and that I need to carry on and really push myself so that I will finish the essay in time. He also gave me some book suggestions and journals to look into which are below:

Judith Butler - Gender Trouble
John MacInnis - The End of Masculinity
Yvonne Tasker

I found this tutorial really helpful as I got the confirmation that I was doing everything correctly and can therefore carry on with the essay knowing that I won't be going too far wrong. I am also going to look into the books and theorists above and try to triangulate some points that each of them make. 

Thursday, 10 November 2016

OUGD601 Timeline / Project Outline

DEADLINE: Thursday 12th January 2017, 2 - 4pm.


3-9th October - Read relevant materials, gather quotes
10-16th October - Read relevant materials, gather quotes
17-23rd October - Reading & Plan Essay Title
24-30th October - Plan essay structure & write introduction
31-6th November - Approx. 2,000 words
7-13th November - Approx. 4,000 words
14-20th November - Approx. 6,000 words
21-27th November - Approx. 7,000 words
28-4th December - Approx. 8,000 words
5-11th December - Approx 9,000 words


Have ideas for the first practical critique. By this point you should have a huge bulk of your essay written, so you should have a fair few ideas from researching for the written side, which will mean that there will definitely be a link between both the practical and written components.

Friday, 4 November 2016

OUGD601 Essay Plan

Chapter 1.

- Introduction
- Sexual Revolution
- Second Wave Feminism
- The Feminist Art Movement
- Postfeminism
- Third Wave Feminism
- Relationship between sex and gender
- Masculinities

Chapter 2.

- Introduction
- The relationship between gender in the media
- The relationship between gender in advertising
- The relationship between gender in women's magazines
- The relationship between gender in lads mags

Chapter 3.

- Introduction
- First hand research
- Conclusion

Thursday, 3 November 2016

OUGD601 Tutorial 2

In preparation for the second tutorial, I have written out an essay plan that I would like Simon to look over and tell me if there is anything else I should try to argue in my essay.

Essay Plan:

Feminism - women's suffrage
Rachel 'Ray' Marshall - Common Cause Cover Cartoons (1910s)
Sexual Revolution (1960s - 1980s)
Second Wave Feminism (1960s - 1980s)
Margaret Calvert & Jock Kinneir - Road Signs (1965)
The Feminist Art Movement (Early 1960s)
Third Wave Feminism (Early 1990s)
Girl Germs (Early 1990s)
Riot Grrrl (Early 1990s)
Women's Design and Research Unit - 'Pussy Galore' typeface (1994)
Masculinity Theory
Introduction into the Male Gaze
Wonderbra Advert (1994)
Transgender (Queer Zine Archive Project)
Women in Print Exhibition - Manchester (2016)

Simon suggested that I should Include all of these points in the first chapter, as otherwise I wouldn't have any word count to answer the actual question. He also suggested that I should leave out doing case studies until a later chapter as well, as the essay wouldn't flow very well. He suggested that in the second chapter I should discuss in detail advertising, the media and magazines in relation to gender, and the third chapter should include some first hand research on gender and visual culture.

For this reason, I am going to re-write my essay plan to fit with these comments as I definitely agree and I think having a detailed essay plan will help me be very concise with my research and also when writing my essay.

Aims for the next tutorial: 2,000 words of the first chapter.