Monday, 17 November 2014

OUGD401 Group Critique

I decided that the topic I am most interested about looking deeper into is the question about Consumerism, as I find it really interesting and also I love looking at advertising and slick design, such as Apple and Carhartt. In the group crit, we discussed whether this would be the right choice for me and what I would look into specifically. I decided I would look into the 1920s in America after WWI, as I find the Economic Boom and the creation of mass-production. For this, I could also look into the Economic Bust.

Simon suggested I should look into the economical system that is informed by consumers, and Jessica suggested that I should look into the catalogues that were used, as it was in the 20s that everyone started buying from them.

I think this would be a really interesting topic to research and create an essay about. In terms of practical work, I was thinking that i could take a product that was sold back then that isn't today and give it a total rebrand so that it would be desirable today. After the group crit, however, I think it would also be interesting to look into the catalogues and maybe redesign an entire catalogue with the products. I will need to research into them to know if this is possible, however, as I'd need quite a lot of products. However, I could also use products from today and put them into a catalogue format, as I think this would be really interesting as generally catalogues don't really work today as the internet is a lot simpler to use. I could look at maybe creating an app.

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