Monday, 4 May 2015

OUGD401 Evaluation

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed the module as I think I have been very challenged, especially with the written side as I don't think I have ever written an essay involving so many facts and not solely based on opinion/interpretation. I think this has truly challenged me as I had to learn to write in a completely different style. I really struggled with this, also especially Harvard Referencing correctly. I really enjoyed the practical side, however, as I think it really tested me and it was the first branding project that I started that wasn't for just a day, it was quite a big project and I think I put a lot of effort into it that paid off.

I think a strength of this project was my logo design, as I was very persistent and wanted to create the best logo for the brand. I think I have succeeded in this, as although the logo doesn't exactly work at a tiny scale, it doesn't exactly need to as the logo will mainly be on packaging, websites and recipe cards. I think another strength of mine was probably also the packaging design, as I think it was a big decision changing the packaging entirely from a tin to frozen food, however I think it would definitely sell as it is now branded at a completely different, upper class market.

I think a weakness of this project was probably my written essay, as I struggled with this a lot and found it incredibly challenging to stick to facts. However, I think overall I have written a good essay and I will know that for next year that I should start writing it earlier and get as much help with it as possible. I think another weakness of this project was time management, as I didn't think designing myself a logo would take so long, as I struggled choosing a good one, however I think this paid off in the end and I'm really happy with the final outcome.

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