Monday, 9 November 2015

OUGD501 Practical Investigation Requirements, Study Task Four (Studio Brief One)

1.What is your research question?

My research question is 'To what extent does sexuality have an influence on the creative industry?'
2.Do you have a hypothesis (an assumed conclusion that you will endeavour to prove)?

I am going to try to prove that sexuality does have an impact on the creative industry, but also that the creative industry has an impact on sexuality. Within this, it could also cover how the media has a huge influence too.
3.What are the contexts of your research interests?

4.Sources of primary/secondary research.

News articles, galleries, publications, websites.
5.How will your practical work relate to your written work (synthesis)?

My practical work will have to relate closely to one of the points discussed in my essay. I'm assuming my essay will be very broad as there are a lot of subjects to cover, so as long as it relates closely to one of the topics discussed then this should be achievable. I will have to write a synthesis to make sure it is obvious where the practical work idea came from.
6.What methods will you use to research, develop, create and test your work?

As of yet, I'm not 100% sure that my work will need to be tested, it depends what the practical will be. If it is a publication, it will have to be very conceptual.

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