Thursday, 21 April 2016

OUGD501 Module Evaluation (Studio Brief One)

Overall, I think this module has been incredibly successful. I chose to try to answer the question ‘to what extent does the creative industry have an impact on sexuality?’, and I believe I have answered this question very thoroughly and to a high standard. This was also a really interesting topic to research and I had a lot of motivation to get my essay and practical finished, purely because it interested me. 

A strength of this project was definitely my own time management, as I finished the first draft of me essay a long time before the submission deadline, and therefore I had a lot longer to think about which aspect of the essay I would like to discover and research further for my practical. I also managed my time very effectively for the practical, as once I had a strong concept, I knew that the design would be very time consuming. For this reason, I made sure I had a print slot booked for printing the publication. In the end, I did end up cancelling this print slot, as I worked out that it would cost me around £50 to print the publication, whereas it would only cost me around £6 to print the publication in the graphic design room, due to the publication lacking in colour. 

Another strength of this project was definitely planning ahead, as I was very prepared for this module and worked out the cost of everything prior to purchasing, as I knew that the publication was going to be around 200 pages, and therefore I knew it would be very expensive to print. This is why I decided against using GF Smith Colourplan stock, as it would’ve cost me £75 for the stock alone.

Another strength of this module was my participation in group critiques. I always made sure that I had something to show, and some questions to ask my peers, which made their feedback very helpful as it was informed feedback. I also feel as though I contributed a lot of ideas to other peoples work, which is something I often struggle with as I usually need a lot of time to analyse a brief. 

A weakness of this project was probably my lack of engagement with a fair few of the seminars. I missed a number of seminars due to the fact I thought it would be more productive to work on the actual physical work, however looking back over the study tasks, I think it would’ve been helpful for the development of my project. I did, however, go back and do the study tasks in my own time, and in fact they were mostly very helpful.

Another weakness of this project was the fact that I didn’t manage to put the poster designs inside my publication. I tried a lot of different methods and I just couldn’t seem to attach the poster designs in the way I would have wanted, and in the process ended up folding the posters which made them look not as professional. This was also annoying as I didn’t have time to reprint them.

Overall, however, I think this module as a whole was very successful and very interesting, and it is something I will definitely carry on researching - I’m thinking of writing a similar essay for my dissertation, as it is the subject that I have been most interested in so far, and it is also a very broad topic, meaning there are a lot of different avenues to research into further. 

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