Thursday, 13 October 2016

OUGD601 Tutorial 1

For this tutorial, it was advised in a COP3 Lecture to have the question for the dissertation done. For this reason, I only really had this to discuss and also the research that I was currently undertaking.
I had the following written out:
'To what extent does gender have an impact on the creative industry?' and 'To what extent does the creative industry have an impact on gender?'
In my tutorial, we discussed these at length and how I got to this point. This was because of my previous essay in second year as I really enjoyed answering the question 'To what extent does sexuality have an impact on the creative industry?'
My tutor suggested that I should change the 'creative industry' to 'visual culture', as this covers the artwork more than the actual industry.
He also suggested that I should try to answer the following:
'What is the role of gender within visual culture?' or 'What is the relationship between gender and visual culture?'
We also discussed some other books and theorists that I should begin looking into. These are below.
R. W. Connell - Masculinities - primary research, person histories
Rachael O'Neill
Eric Anderson - Inclusive Masculinity

After my tutorial, I followed Simon's advice and changed my essay title to the following:

'To what extent is there a relationship between gender and visual culture?'

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