Thursday, 25 February 2016

OUGD501 Practical - Idea Generation (Studio Brief One)

My essay covers the following topics:

- The Sexual Revolution
- Feminism
- Homophobia
- The Government
- The Male Gaze
- Post Feminism
- The contemporary Sexual Revolution
- Taboo
- Sexualisation of the nipple
- Sex shops

These are all possible routes I could go down.
The main ideas I have at the moment are as follows:
- Rebrand the sex shop 'Nice 'n' Naughty'
- Publication on Feminism
- Publication on homophobia

I think the idea I am liking the most at the moment is the idea of creating a publication based on homophobia within the creative industry, as it is something that is very relevant in current day. A TV show called The 100 has recently killed off one of the lesbian characters, which completely shocked the whole LGBT community, and there has been many news articles and blogposts about it. It's not so much the fact that Lexa was killed off, but it was how she died. It is obviously not the first time a lesbian character has been killed off, which makes the whole death even worse.

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