Saturday, 27 February 2016

OUGD501 Practical - Synthesis (Studio Brief One)

My essay discusses a lot of different topics such as feminism, homophobia and sexuality as a whole. Within my practical work, I am going to try to get across the point that the creative industry does have an affect on sexuality and vice versa, which is what my essay set out to prove. To do this, I am going to create a publication that proves this in one specific minority. I have chosen to base my practical work on the lesbian community, as it was recently hit very hard when a lesbian character died in a tv show. My publication is going to be very conceptual to prove this.

I'm going to create a very boring publication that showcases all of the lesbian deaths in television shows, which will symbolise that the lesbian community is bored of lesbian characters constantly being killed off. Within my publication, it will list all of the lesbian characters that have died, and also contrast it with the lesbian characters that survived and had happy endings.

These two articles are the main basis of my content, which I will credit within the actual publication.

The publication will have to be bound in a specific way to show off the contrast further. I am thinking either a perfect bind or a coptic/open spine bind.

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