Monday, 28 November 2016

OUGD601 Practical Brainstorm

Although having only just started the writing side of this project, I'm keen to write out some potential ideas for the practical side of the project, as both the written side and practical side should be an ongoing project and correlate together. For this reason, the brainstorm below shows some of the potential ideas for the practical side. 

1. Advert showing contrast, e.g. Tools, which are usually marketed through adverts with a very 'manly' man. It would be interesting to show contrast with a woman in the advert instead - to show that anybody could do DIY. It would also be interesting to show both men and women, as DIY isn't just for one gender.

2. Advert for product that is often gendered when it shouldn't be, for example razors, moisturiser... general facial products.

3. Advert for skate brand. For example a skate video that features both men and women, as most skate adverts only feature men. However, some brands such as 'girlsskate' on instagram are already conflicting the idea that only boys can skate.

4. An Advertisers manifesto - create a set of rules as a poster design that would be sent to advertising companies with a set of rules to avoid creating sexist adverts.

I'm not really set on any of these ideas, however I will speak to Simon in my next tutorial to find out if I should explore any of them further.

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