Thursday, 3 November 2016

OUGD601 Tutorial 2

In preparation for the second tutorial, I have written out an essay plan that I would like Simon to look over and tell me if there is anything else I should try to argue in my essay.

Essay Plan:

Feminism - women's suffrage
Rachel 'Ray' Marshall - Common Cause Cover Cartoons (1910s)
Sexual Revolution (1960s - 1980s)
Second Wave Feminism (1960s - 1980s)
Margaret Calvert & Jock Kinneir - Road Signs (1965)
The Feminist Art Movement (Early 1960s)
Third Wave Feminism (Early 1990s)
Girl Germs (Early 1990s)
Riot Grrrl (Early 1990s)
Women's Design and Research Unit - 'Pussy Galore' typeface (1994)
Masculinity Theory
Introduction into the Male Gaze
Wonderbra Advert (1994)
Transgender (Queer Zine Archive Project)
Women in Print Exhibition - Manchester (2016)

Simon suggested that I should Include all of these points in the first chapter, as otherwise I wouldn't have any word count to answer the actual question. He also suggested that I should leave out doing case studies until a later chapter as well, as the essay wouldn't flow very well. He suggested that in the second chapter I should discuss in detail advertising, the media and magazines in relation to gender, and the third chapter should include some first hand research on gender and visual culture.

For this reason, I am going to re-write my essay plan to fit with these comments as I definitely agree and I think having a detailed essay plan will help me be very concise with my research and also when writing my essay.

Aims for the next tutorial: 2,000 words of the first chapter.

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