Saturday, 21 March 2015

OUGD401 In-Store Research

I went to the shop to do some in-store research of possible products that I could rebrand. I found that micromeals/instant meals are generally branded very poorly. They go for a post-modern style which isn't exactly bad, but they're quite difficult and harsh on the eyes. I think it would be quite interesting to try to rebrand a minimal microwave meal, and possibly aim it at a specific audience, e.g. students.

I then found this box of chocolates. I don't actually understand the branding and packaging, as the flowers and butterflies have no relevance what so ever to the product. It would be interesting to rebrand this product, however I don't think I want to as I'd be quite limited with what I could create.

I then found this pot of soup. I think the idea for the branding is quite nice and successful, as you can see the soup through the see-through chicken, however I don't like the typography used at all and I think the colour scheme is pretty gross. I don't think this would be a good product to rebrand as it's almost successful as it is.

I then went down a different isle and found this coffee mate. I think the branding is quite successful as the colour scheme makes it look desirable, however I don't think the logo fits very well and it could've been positioned a lot more successfully. 

Finally, I found the tins and had a look through them. I think one of the worst branded tins was spam as the colour scheme was awful, as was the layout and design in general. I think that I want to take this product forward to rebrand as there is quite a lot I could do with it as it is meat - maybe even try to rebrand it as a frozen food such as Pate. 

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