Tuesday, 24 March 2015

OUGD401 Yes Logo Analysis

To get an idea of some products that are branded successfully, I went to the library and looked into logo design. I particularly liked the book 'Yes Logo' as all of the branding inside was really slick and minimal. The page below shows designs created by Michael Peters for the International Coffee Organisation in 1981/82. I think the design is incredibly successful as the logo is based on the pouring of milk into coffee, so is therefore very relevant for the brand. The contrast of the black and white works really well as it's very contrasting and bold.

I also really liked this page based on the logo for Nabarro, a prestiguous law firm. I think the logo is incredibly friendly as a sans serif typeface is used which makes it seem very open and calming. The actual logo design is made up with multiple paths to form an 'N' in an artistic way. The colours used make the book pop out as they're very contrasting.

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