Monday, 2 March 2015

OUGD401 Practical Proposal

What is the relationship between branding and the consumer self?

My main research so far has been about the success of branding over advertising and the brand loyalty that customers have towards specific brands.

I want to communicate that branding has a huge impact on how a product can be sold. To do this, I hope to either:

  • Take a really poorly branded product and rebrand it completely.
  • Rebrand a catalogue from the 1920's to work in our economy today.
  • Rebrand a product from the 1920's so it could be sold successfully in society today.
  • Rebrand an American product that isn't in the UK yet to work with UK branding principles.
Some sources of primary research could include:
  • Create a questionairre for people to fill out on what they think makes a successful product that they would purchase.
  • Look at the advertising/production/branding of existing products.
Some sources of secondary research could include:
  • Looking at books and magazines about consumerism and advertising.
  • Looking online at blogs.
  • Maybe email a company asking how they market their product.
In order to come to a conclusion with my design work, I am going to try to stick to this schedule:
  • Week 1: Decide on a direction to take my design work down.
  • Week 2: Find a product  / catalogue to rebrand.
  • Week 3: Research into what makes a successful brand - colour theory? typography? Ask people which brands they think are most successful and why?
  • Week 4: Idea generation - begin creating thumbnail logo designs / layout designs for catalogue.
  • Week 5: Digitalise the successful designs - preferably after receiving feedback from a critique.
  • Week 6: Create the product labels and actually create the product.
  • Week 7: Carry out a survey to see if they product is more successful now.
  • Week 8: Gather all research for hand-in.

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