Wednesday, 18 March 2015

OUGD401 Interim Crit

In the interim crit, we were asked to explain our current idea to other people in our group to see if they thought it was relevant to our essay.

I told people that my essay was based on consumerism in America and discusses how consumerism changed in the 60s due to the economic crash, and how it became more about a brand than it was about the product, which is still visible today, such as with Apple and Topshop.

I told people my idea of how I wanted to rebrand either Augason Farms or Great Value. I also told people how I found it quite hard to come up with an idea, as I can't exactly walk into an American shop and see what they have to offer other than American Sweet Shops. People said that they thought that rebranding Great Value would be a good idea, however they didn't really understand my reason to do it. I thought about this and it would be to prove that it is about branding and packaging more than it is about the product.

I asked Simon about my idea and he said that I should look into rebranding a product that is in the USA but not in the UK. He also suggested that it doesn't specifically have to be an American product to prove that branding is more important than the product, as it is a worldwide concept, not just in America. I think this is actually really helpful advice, as I found it really difficult to research into the products.

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