Monday, 2 March 2015

OUGD401 Practice-Based Research Workshop (Study Task Five)

  • Photography - To give an idea of how products opperate.
  • Illustrations - To give an idea of how products opperate.
  • Tag-lines - To make a brand memorable.
  • Type - To inform.
  • Logos - Make a brand recognisable.
  • Colour - Brand identity, different colours symbolise different things.
  • Symbols - Worldwide recognition.
  • Sophistication - Quality.
  • Value - Basic brand ranges.
  • Class - The idea that products improve status and happiness.
  • Clarity - Create a clear message behind the brand / what the brand stands for.
  • Fun - Images and colour suggest an effect of social interaction.
  • Minimal - Slick brand image. High-end and easy to use.
  • Personality - Creates a bond on a human level between the brand and the consumer.
  • Benefits - Suggests buying things will have a positive impact in buyers life.
  • Attractiveness - The idea people will be more desirable because of a product.
  • Gender - Takes advantage of societies gender roles (femininity due to perfume etc.)
Analysis - To research and explore the reasons that similar products are successful and adapt my own designs to comete with these oppositions.
Research - Look into appealing brands and things like colour theory and peoples favourite colours to create an optimum desirable product and branding as a whole identity.
Evaluation - I can use evaluation to justify my informed design decisions and show how it further ensures the module question.
Testing - Testing my products success using surveys and other opinions will let me know if my final product has successfully proved my point.
Exploration - To explore a range of techniques and ways of working to come to a well executed conclusion.

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