Wednesday, 22 April 2015

OUGD401 Colour Scheme / Swatch

For my colour scheme, I knew I wanted to change it quite a bit from the original Spam colours used on the packaging, as I think the colours make the product quite cheap, similar to Kraft's Mac & Cheese, although in actual fact Spam is quite expensive for a tinned food. Below are the original spam colours and a colour swatch.

I decided that I should look into colour theory and see what the colours actually mean. I created this colour chart because I thought it would be very useful for this project and future projects when I look into colour theory. I found out that the colour blue suggests loyalty, which is relevant for the product as it has been around since 1937, so a lot of people must buy it. The colour yellow, however, suggests cowardice. I think this could be relevant for the company and their packaging, as the packaging and logo hasn't ever been changed.

I created my own colour swatch for the brand. I knew that I wanted to get rid of the colour orange and mainly focus on the colour blue to show brand loyalty. I also added some colours that looked effective together. I imagine the grey to be silver, however obviously I can't show this on the computer. I also added black and white, as all of the colours work really well together as they make the blue stand out a lot. I changed the shade of blue from the original Spam packaging, as personally I think the blue that they use is very bright and makes the product look cheap. I decided to use a darker, duller shade of blue, which I think shows sophistication with the other colours. 

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