Saturday, 4 April 2015

OUGD401 Logo Research

Before I start designing my logo, I want to look into logo designs that already exist that could give me some inspiration for my own. I found the below images on Design Inspiration. The image below shows a group of logos designed in a circle. I think the logos are really successful, even though they don't specifically work effectively on a small scale. I think the use of a sans serif type really works with the designs as it's a typeface that has a lot of perfect circles in - possible Futura bold or something similar. I think the actual icons inside the logo are also really slick, especially the design of the public relations design (bottom line and in the centre), as the icon is very simplistic, however you have an idea of what it is about straight away.

I also found this logo design, which I think could be relevant to my design if I did it in the silhouette of a pigs head instead of a cow. However, I don't particularly like the typeface used as it isn't very legible, but it works with the logo. The logo is in black and white which is successful in itself as if a logo works in black and white it can be easily reproduced and printed inexpensively. 

I think this logo design below is really successful, even if it mainly is just typography. I like the fact that a modern typeface is used and it's relevant as it is a logo for 'Gillette Modern Man Collection'. I think the colour scheme is also successful, especially with a grey background as it's easy on the eye although still eyecatching.

I also think this logo design is successful as it's minimal and the eye follows the design very easily. I think the icon for the logo is also successful as it's minimal, simplistic, but relevant to the brands name. I think this logo would look incredibly slick if it was embossed onto a business card, or even letterpressed.

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