Tuesday, 21 April 2015

OUGD401 Logo Development

Before jumping straight onto a computer to design my logo, I decided I would start by drawing out some thumbnail ideas, as I've found this really useful in the past for other modules, such as PPP. I starting by doing a mind map of the current logo, which I think I will find helpful as I want to steer clear of creating a similar logo. I thought the logo was simple, boring, childish, cheap, that the colour scheme was awful and this specific serif typeface was ineffective.

I then created a mindmap of what I want my own logo to be. I decided I wanted it to be traditional, have an expensive feel, be classic, simplistic, elegant, have a nicer colour scheme and have a different audience/market.

I then started designing some icons and logo ideas of my own. I started with the obvious responses - pig noses, trying to fit the work 'Spam' into a pig nose and just simplistic typography. I then decided to try to create a logo within a circle, as I thought it reminded me of the branding of animals which could work. 

I carried on designing logos in a circle, however I didn't really think they were working very effectively. I then started playing around with the idea of using a silhouette of a pig. I think this could definitely be effective as it would make the product seem more like meat than it actually is, and therefore it would be less processed and better for the buyer.

I then decided to go back to playing around with typography. I don't think any of these ideas are very successful as they're quite simplistic and not very relevant to the brand - although they may work better when they look neater designed on Illustrator.

I then went back to the idea of the pig nose. I thought this might work in a circle with type, although I thought it would be quite hard to tell as a thumbnail and I would have to actually create it on Illustrator to know for sure.

I have decided I have done a lot of logo development and I think that some of the logo designs could definitely be successful for the brand. I am now going to create some of the ideas using Illustrator. I think the design below is ineffective as it looks very formal and doesn't look too relevant - although it could work on packaging.

I think this logo design is actually nice as it's really simplistic.
I think this logo is too similar to the original, however it is in a nicer typeface so could be effective.
This logo could definitely work, however the typeface didn't fit very will in the circle and therefore would need work to make it look central.
I actually really like this logo design. It's incredibly simple and reminds me of the branding of animals. I think it would look really nice with a texture over the top.
I like this logo design too, it's simple and also reminds me of animal branding. The only problem with it is that it looks slightly like an important form that people have to fill out.
I really like this logo design as the inner circle breaks up the block colour and the typeface looks a lot more effective in a circle. It also works as the pigs back is in the same circular shape.
I like this logo design, however, again, the work Spam looks very out of place.
I tried to develop the first logo that I liked by making it look more like branding, but now I think it is too busy and therefore ineffective.
I really like the simplicity of this logo design. I think it works very well in a rectangle and there is a good use of negative space.
I tried to create a kind of spam burger logo design, however I don't think it's very nice as it's busy and not spacious enough.
I think the simplicity of this logo is really effective and the typeface fits really well with the circles.
I really like this logo design as it reminds me of animal branding and it's very simple and elegant.
I think this logo design is effective also as it reminds me of a Spam burger, something that the actual spam packaging has an image of on.
I don't think this logo is very effective as the type doesn't fit very well, however I like the idea of it being a kind of label.
I don't think this is effective as the type seems too close together and it's very condensed.
I really like this logo design and I think I want it to be my final design as it's simple, informative and basically explains what the product is. I did it on a slant for some reason which I think is ineffective, however I am going to recreate it so that it is straight.
This is my final logo design and I'm really happy with it. I think the typeface works really effectively with the block colour as it breaks up with block colour so it looks like there is more negative space than there actually is. I think it's good as it doesn't look too busy, although doesn't look too simple either.

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