Sunday, 26 April 2015

OUGD401 Packaging Research

Before designing packaging, I thought I would look into packaging that already exists. I found this packaging below, which I think is really successful as the packaging looks a bit like sweets, and it's really eyecatching and makes me want to buy it, even if I'm not really 100% sure what it is.

I then found this packaging below. I think it's really successful as it's obvious that the sandwiches are aimed at children as each package is given a character. It's also successful that it's smart packaging as the sandwiches can be seen through the mouth of the creature. It's also a nice added touch that the creatures have sticky out ears, as it would make the packaging stand out on the shelf even further. 

I found this packaging for Gillette which I think is really successful as it is in black and white, and therefore seems really old and traditional. It's successful as a sans serif typeface is used which gives the product a modern style, but also suggests that the product has been around for years and is still very successful.

I found this outside packaging for a map from Manhattan to New York which I think is very simplistic but effective as it's minimal and therefore gives an essence of the map - it's easy to follow and to be informed by. I think the fact that the type is all central is effective as it makes it readable on the wrap around cover.

This is another example of smart advertising. I'm not really sure what the product is, however I think the packaging is really clever and well thought out, and it makes me want to buy the product anyway just to show people. This is an example of the brand being more important than the product. 

This is a similar idea I had for when I considered rebranding Good Value's brand by Walmart. It shows the product through the packaging, which shows that you get what you pay for. I think this branding is the opposite of what I want to put across with my branding, however, as I'm trying to get the message across that it's more about branding than the actual product. 

I then decided to look into packaging that could be specific to Spam. I found this tin that is designed really nicely, however I think I want to completely change the packaging of Spam from a tin to something else, maybe the package that meat comes in as I think it will make it look more expensive and desirable.

I decided I would look into the packaging for specifically meat. I found this below, which I think is unsuccessful as it looks quite cheap and the typeface is very bold and in your face which is unappealing. It looks like a very post-modern style because it's really busy.

I then found this packaging for the same product by the same brand Pravo Domace. I think this design is a lot more successful as it is less cluttered, however I don't think the photograph is relevant or neccessary and I still don't like the typeface used.

I then found this packaging which I think is really successful and would also be a good purchase as it would fit in the freezer/fridge easier as it's in a flexible package. I think this would be a good thing to consider, however I'm not too sure how I'd go about making a mock up, so I'm just going to design the outside cardboard packaging.

I think this packaging is really successful in a similar way to the pasta, as it shows that you get what you buy in a smart way. However, it isn't exactly necessary for meat as normal packaging shows the meat inside anyway, which is good as you can be picky, as most people are when it comes to meat. 

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