Wednesday, 22 April 2015

OUGD401 Further Logo Development

I experimented with some colour schemes even though I knew that I wanted to use the colour blue, just to make sure that I couldn't find a more effective colour. I didn't which I was happy with because I knew that a dark blue would be effective for the brand, as it has been for years. I did like the last colour used, however I don't think it works very well and I don't think it'll work when contrasted with the colour of the meat.

To develop my logo even further, I wanted to create a texture that the illustrations in my logo would fluently have. To do this, I created a glitchy pattern using illustrator and overlayed it ontop of the logo design. I had to do this in sections as otherwise it took far too much of the logo design away. This is my final logo design which I think is really effective and traditional, and therefore relevant to the essence of the brand.

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