Monday, 7 March 2016

OUGD501 Feedback Session on Ideas & Concept (Studio Brief One)

For this group crit, we had to walk around the room and give feedback on other peoples ideas and practical work if they had started. I had yet to start designing my publication, so I just wrote out 3 questions that I wanted feedback on about the concept.

These questions were as follows:

1. What are your thoughts on the concept & why?

- Really concerning & frightening statistic which has a shock factor. The concept for this publication is strong and bold though.
- I think the concept is very stong as it is what could be seen as controversial topic there are many ways you could go with it, with stats & facts etc.
- An important issue to address, I think the concept is great, high impact large fonts especially works well and adds volume.
- This is exciting revolutionary and inspired. I think it's a fantastic opportunity because it is a pressing cultural issue that could redifine the graphical industry (so excited)

2. Do you think the colour scheme should be the same for the posters and the publication?

- This would keep it consistent. If you were to use the colours pink and blue it could be interesting.
- Yes, it will add consistency an make it feel almost like a campaign.
- Yes, consistent.
- Yes, I agree w/ above.
- Yes, but keep it minimal so it really highlights the content.
- Most definitely but use screen print to give each poster a unique and personal feel to bring some of the human passion of the issue into the design?

3. Should the publication feature tear-out posters?

- Yes, this would make it more interactive and memorable. Maybe pocket/business statements.
- I think this is a lovely idea, will just depend on the size really.
- Yes, means it will be interactive and the poster would be a reminder for the publicationof the issues it discusses.
- Yes, allows others to promote the same message.
- Yes makes it more activisty, could be put up anywhere to raise awareness.
- I feel anything promotional that can be added should be because of how important awareness is for the people the book will apply to. 

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