Tuesday, 1 March 2016

OUGD501 Practical - Concept (Studio Brief One)

The concept for my publication is pretty simple. It will be a showcase of all of the lesbian characters that have been killed off through-out history. As a minority already, there are not a lot of lesbian characters or LGBT characters in general in television, however when there is they are usually killed off pretty quickly, often leaving the LGBT community devastated.

This has been shown in the recent television show The 100. The character was killed off as the actress wanted to leave the show, however this isn't the point. The point is that the character was accidentally killed by a stray bullet meant for her girlfriend. The lesbian community understands that the actress wanted to leave the show, this isn't why they're mad. They are upset because the character had literally just become happy with her girlfriend and suddenly she was killed off.

My publication will be very conceptual. The contrast between lesbians that die and lesbians that live will be very obvious in it, to do this, I am thinking of binding the book with a coptic bind, and separating the lives and deaths with a different coloured stock.

The actual layout of the book will be conceptual also, as I will lay out the type to look like a script for a television show.

The publication will be very boring to look at, which is conceptual in itself as it shows that the lesbian community is bored of the constant heartache that comes when a lesbian character dies.

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