Wednesday, 9 March 2016

OUGD501 Practical - Front Cover Designs (Studio Brief One)

 I want my front cover to be very minimal, however it will have to entice the reader in. To do this, I am thinking of using the colour red, as it will show the seriousness of the issue when contrasted with either grey or black. This is the first design I have come up with. The grey box would be measured precisely to show the percentage of lesbian deaths compared to the lesbians that live. It also gives the idea of a script as I want my whole publication to do.

This is the second design that I have come up with. It's incredibly minimal, however the idea would be to cut out the equality symbol from the front cover, and have acetate on the inside which will have noise like on a television screen. I think the change of stock would make the publication really enticing, and also the colour scheme and lack of text will make people want to pick it up to find out the content of the publication.

The second front cover design is the design I am going to use, as I think it will be the most enticing front cover, and it also gets the message across straight away to the community, as it is well known that the equals sign is a symbol for equality within the LGBT community. 

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