Tuesday, 8 March 2016

OUGD501 Evaluative Questions to Consider (Studio Brief One)

What were your initial aims?

The question posed in my essay was 'to what extent does sexuality have an impact on the creative industry?' In my essay, I aimed to come to a conclusion about the gender and sexual orientation of a person and whether it can effect the industry in which they are working. It also aims to discover if the creative industry has an effect on sexuality - such as the expression of sexuality and liberation from the Guerilla Girls.

What literature have you read that informs this work?

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Is the work effective (in terms of your aims)? In what ways? How do you know it's effective (testing)?

The work I am creating will be a publication, that in theory would be sent to writers and directors across the world. It would aim to point out the fact that the LGBT community isn't represented correctly in movies and television shows, by using facts to portray the fact that each LGBT movie ends poorly for one of the LGBT characters (if not both) - which can be a damaging cause to teenagers and young adults growing up, looking to movies for acceptance.

What are the successful elements and why?

This project will be successful as it aims to resolve problems that are very current in todays society.

What areas need improving or developing further and why?

The idea that the LGBT community could be potentially effected with deaths of certain leading role characters with such things as mental health issues will need to be backed up with facts and statistics.

Actors reviews/responses received by fans / journalists

Jenny's wedding
Ellen Degeneres - own show - gay character - show cancelled

Women in movies talking about men - pass test if don't talk about men - roles already written before occurred - sex / sexual persuasion already written.

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