Wednesday, 30 March 2016

OUGD501 Practical - Stock Choice (Studio Brief One)

Ideally, I would really like this publication to be printed onto GF Smith Colourplan, however I have worked out the cost of this and it would cost £75 for the stock alone. For this reason, I am going to go for a cheaper option and print it on a thick newsprint. I have decided this, as it is the most similar stock to recycled paper, which would be conceptual as lesbian deaths are often recycled from other television shows.

This is the stock that I would've chose if I had the money.

GF Smith Colourplan Bright Red

GF Smith Colourplan Bright White

I chose these two colourplan stocks as they are very textured stocks and would therefore be very interactive with the reader, but also because they are incredibly contrasting with each other.

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