Monday, 7 March 2016

OUGD501 Evaluating Practical Work, Study Task Eight (Studio Brief One)

What were your initial aims?
Initially, I wanted to get the message across that the lesbian community is highly misrepresented in television shows and that the characters are often killed off as they are considered not important or disposable. 
What processes / strategies have you used and why?
I am printing everything digitally just to save time as the publication is going to take a very long time to put together due to the amount of content. Ideally, however, it would be interesting to screen print some of the publication, as it would show that the lesbian character deaths really affect the fans - hand printing this would get some of this essence across.
What literature have you read that informs this work?
(See essay bibliography)
Is the work effective (in terms of your aims)? In what ways? How do you know it is effective (testing)?
I'd say the publication will definitely be effective in highlighting how disposable lesbian characters have become. It sets out to prove that the creative industry has an effect on sexuality, which I think is proven in itself, just because of the misrepresentation of lesbians.
Does it communicate what it should do (in what ways)?
Yes, as it proves how disposable LGBT characters are in the industry and that it is damaging to lesbians, as it gets the message across that being gay will never end well, when that definitely isn't the case.
What are the successful elements and why?
I think the actual layout of the publication will be successful, as it's incredibly conceptual. 
What areas need improving or developing further and why?
I think that the current front cover needs improving as it doesn't entice the viewer in as much as it should.

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