Wednesday, 11 January 2017

OUGD601 Binding Method of Publication

a concertina booklet wouldn't be appropriate as the pagination is very different to the content that I have created. It also limits the number of pages and after a certain amount of pages can become very difficult to read easily.

This binding method wouldn't be appropriate either, as (I think) it's a Chinese stab bind and the pages don't open out fully - it wouldn't be appropriate as a few of the imagery that I have used is full bleed.

This binding method is a pamphlet stitch and would be a very appropriate binding method to use for this project as it is quick and easy to reproduce.

This is a perfect bind. This would also be an appropriate binding method, however the publication would lose the sense of magazine feel and would become a book. It would also mean that I couldn't use the cover that I plan to, so It won't be this binding method chosen.

As the publication is based on the Riot Grrrl zines, the most appropriate method of binding my own publication would be to staple bind it. However, as this won't be possible due to the thickness of the spine and number of pages, I think the most appropriate method of binding will have to be the next best thing, which is a pamphlet stitch. This is a good binding method as it's very easy to do and therefore if the publication were to be mass produced it would be possible to bind the publication a lot quicker than stitching any other kind of binding.

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