Tuesday, 3 January 2017

OUGD601 Final Publication

Below is the final publication design, 'Sexual Objection, The How NOT To' Guide, which is created in the style of Riot Grrrl zines.


This publication has been very difficult to make, a lot more difficult than originally thought, due to the style, because as a designer this isn't a style I have ever created work in before, however it had to be made in this particular style as a tribute and follow on from the Riot Grrrl zines. Of course it is different from the Riot Grrrl zines, as it is more up to date - it uses coloured ink instead of coloured stock and won't be printed through photocopying, and it will have a real cover on to protect, as I wanted the publication to stand out and be kept pristine by the advertisers who in theory would receive a copy.

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