Wednesday, 4 January 2017

OUGD601 Publication Feedback

Before printing the publication, I want to get some feedback from both Simon and my peers to see if there's anything that I should edit about the publication.

I emailed over a .pdf of the publication to Simon, below is his response.

'Hi Amelia,

This is an interesting solution. I think its effective and relevant in a sense but my question would be how do you know this will have any effect of change? I think you need to show the reader that your strategies can still have a positive impact in terms of sales and branding. 

I guess to be able to truly synthesise you need to demonstrate to the assessor that you are able to put these strategies into practice yourself. The booklet is a good addition but if you have time i think it would be worth while to produce some advert treatments that demonstrate your gender neutral strategies.'

I completely agree with Simon and I will definitely try to create an advert or two that follow the rules of what not to do from the publication.

I also asked a few of my peers on the table around me, their comments are as follows:

- I love it. The cover idea is really simple and also really effective and the concept behind it is very strong.

- I would check to make sure you can't find a higher quality image for certain pages, however other than that it's really successful.

- I like the colours used and the layout is really strong although I'm not sure what riot girl is.

All these comments will be taken on board and before printing I will try to make amendments and improve the publication further.

Within this little group critique I was also asked if I had any poster ideas, to which I hadn't even began thinking of. It was suggested to me that I should make a kind of flowchart for designers to follow that will substitute as a poster design, which I think is a brilliant idea as zines and magazines often have flowcharts, and therefore the poster will be a lot more relevant and in keeping with the zine idea of being based on Riot Grrrls zines.

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