Wednesday, 11 January 2017

OUGD601 Mock Up of Gender Neutral Advertisements

As Simon has suggested that I should make some gender neutral advertisements as evidence that the publication would work and that advertisements don't necessarily need sex to sell, I have decided to create a advertisement for Bic razors, which was one of the first ideas I had on how to tackle the practical side of this project. 

As I have already done a lot of research into this, this should be quite simple to do as I already have a range of ideas. Below are some images taken of both a girl and a boy (I won't mention which is the boy and which is the girl!) 

To make it into an advertisement is very simple, as I already have the concept of 'No Nonsense'. Below is the final advertisement image. This was edited by getting rid of the background of the image and also making sure that there were no very obvious signs that point to which person is the boy and which person is the girl. I then found a stock image of a razor (I did try to take a photograph myself however the image quality was poor) and then adding the slogan and the logo.

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