Wednesday, 11 January 2017

OUGD601 Stock Choice for Publication, Posters & Manifesto

Originally I had planned to go to Fred Aldous and get some stock to print the publication, posters and manifesto onto, however after some consideration I have decided that this is a bad idea, as I want all of the practical work to be as close to how it would look mass produced as it possibly can be.

For this reason, I am going to use newsprint that is already available at university in digital print. The front cover of the publication is going to be pink stock that will be bought from the library, again keeping costs very low as it is very affordable stock. The only slightly expensive thing that will be used is for the other front covers; these will be clear acetate and coloured acetate.

Ideally, the square would be printed onto the blue acetate, however the acetate doesn't allow for printing onto and so for this reason the clear acetate beneath will give an idea of how the publication would look if the idea was possible.

As for the posters and manifesto, these will also be printed onto newsprint, however instead of using 100gsm stock, these will be printed onto 200gsm stock. This will keep the feel of the practical as a whole a constant and consistent.

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