Monday, 2 January 2017

OUGD601 Chosen Method and Development

As previously mentioned, the method I have chosen to create the publication will be computer generated as scanning in is very time consuming and not precise. This method will allow me to have more time to make collateral and will also mean I will be able to make the publication to very high standard within the short amount of time left of this module. It will also allow me to experiment more with colour, stock and binding methods.

Below is some development of pages so far. I am designing them in black and white and they will be experimented with at a later date. This particular page is one of my favourite so far. It's really slick and really resembles the style of Riot Grrrl zines. The imagery is also very strong and both images work successfully together as a pair.

Here is another page of the publication that is finished. The type and white bar was played around with a lot, and it was suggested that the white bar should be dragged and become full bleed also, which is really successful as it makes the type more obvious and look less like part of the advert.

I think this page below needs something else added to it, however the layout works really well especially next to the other page (above page), as it's very contrasting and both pages use strong imagery and type layout to make the guide easy to follow and legible.

This is another page that has been worked on, however it doesn't look finished just yet as it seems to be missing something crucial, however I cannot figure out what is missing. I think here I will have to experiment a bit more and try some other imagery that contrast with the first image.

Overall, however, the publication is coming together really successfully and is definitely echoing the style of Riot Grrrl zines. All the spreads are legible and the guide is very easy to follow - something that I don't think would've occurred if the spreads were created by cut and scan.


The publication is now complete, which can be seen below. Next I am going to experiment with the colour purple and maybe turn the images into duotone to fit with the concept and colour theory.

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