Wednesday, 11 January 2017

OUGD601 Commercial Printing (Hypothetical)

The printing of the publication was successful due to the planning and digital print resource at university, however, if the publication was to be mass produced the publication would definitely be most cost effective if lithoprinting was used. Lithoprinting is a plate often made of aluminium that holds the image, and once the ink is applied only the image is printed. This would be a very cost effective method as only two colours were used through-out the making of this publication, posters and manifesto due to duotone. The stock was already very affordable, at less than 10p per sheet of A3, and the publication could also fit onto an A4 sheet without compromising the size of the publication, meaning the publication could be printed around 8 times a go using lithoprinting.

However, if this publication were to go to commercial printing, there would definitely have to be some changes made due to the faults that occurred when digital printing it.

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