Thursday, 29 December 2016

OUGD601 Publication Layout Mock Ups

Before jumping straight onto the computer, it was a good idea to draw out some rough sketches of possible layout ideas that are inspired by the layouts through-out Riot Grrrl zines. The top three sketches are ideas that could be created by hand - whether they be handwritten or printed out and then scanned in. They're all successful ideas, however it would be a really time consuming process and it would also make the text and general layout less legible as it would have to be a lot more precise.

The other three sketches are ideas that could be computer generated. I think these sketches would work a lot better as layout designs as they would be a lot easier to edit, and they are also hundreds of different ways to layout the page on a computer compared to using paper and scanning images in. 

To make sure that my assumptions were correct, I thought it would be beneficial to try some rough mock ups using Lorem Ipsum and outlines for images. The scanned versions can be seen below. They are effective, however it was a time consuming process making these basic layouts and also very fiddly and difficult to line up.

I then made some mock ups on the computer. This took half the time of the above layout attempts and I also think that they look a lot neater and more legible. Of course I will be able to imitate the above layouts on the computer too which gives working on the computer an advantage, as it is more precise and overall looks a lot better. It also doesn't limit the choice of stock available once the publication is complete.

For this reason, I am going to create the publication using InDesign as it will be less time consuming, meaning I might have time to make other collateral to go along with the publication design. Creating it on the computer will also allow for different stocks and colours to be experimented with, something that the scans wouldn't.

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