Thursday, 29 December 2016

OUGD601 Typeface Choices

Before beginning creating the publication, it's a good idea to choose a range of typefaces that will be consistent through-out. Below is a rough test of some of the typefaces that I thought could've been relevant with comments about each.

From doing this, I discovered that Futura Bold was definitely too modern to be appropriate for the style of publication I was going for, however Futura Condensed Extra Bold didn't look quite as modern and had a definite edge. I also found out that American Typewriter is the perfect typeface for the body copy of the publication as it is a typeface that was used through-out Riot Grrrl magazines, such as Girl Germs (see image below)

However, I needed to make sure that both the chosen typefaces work successfully together. Below you can see this from using Lorem Ipsum as typeholder text. I think they work really well together and the thickness of Futura really contrasts with the openness of American Typewriter.

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