Thursday, 22 December 2016

OUGD601 Research: Bic Advertisements

On the other hand, there are specific companies that I can think of that have been sexist time and time again through their advertisements. One of those companies is Bic. Although the product is exactly the same for both men and women, for example pens and razors, they have been known in the past to gender their products - and still do today with razors. 

For example, the advertisement below is quite clever, however it doesn't need to be aimed at a man. The product is exactly the same for both men and women, the only thing that's different is the colour of the razor, again sticking to stereotypes that men like blue and women like pink.

This advert below was hugely talked about for being incredibly sexist. ARTICLE HERE. The irony was that the advert was made to promote Women's Day! People were shocked that the company thought it was appropriate. It was also compared to an advert from the 70s, which then brought about the next image.

This is an advert produced by Bic razors in the 70s. It's sexist and suggests that women are objects and for the man's taking, and that the woman is only useful for sex, looking pretty and grocery shopping.

Below is a video found of Ellen DeGeneres mocking Bic for creating a pen marketed at women - the only difference from a normal pen being the colour, even though Bic claimed it was 'made to fit women's hands', as though women's hands are hugely different to men's. The video may be a skit and very humorous, however Ellen makes some very good points about the sexist nature of the product, and even makes an ironic advert to go with the skit. 

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