Tuesday, 20 December 2016

OUGD601 Research: Gender Neutral Products

Having searched the internet for around an hour and managing to find close to no gender neutral products, I'm starting to question why is that?

I found multiple articles about gender neutrality for children (see below links), however struggled to find products that exist for adults, other than design mock ups. The benefits of gender neutral toys for children is clear, however it also seems like a pointless concept as one of the benefits of toys being gender neutral is that it means both girls and boys can play with a toy and not feel embarrassed for liking a particular colour / toy.





However, if the child is then to be brought up in a world where there are close to no gender neutral products for adults, the whole idea of making toys gender neutral is quite pointless, as at some point gender will always come into the picture if the gender neutral options aren't available.

This has spurred the concept of the practical on further, as products should be available and all genders shouldn't feel ashamed for liking a specific product if it is marketed at a different gender.

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