Tuesday, 27 December 2016

OUGD601 Research: We are #WomenNotObjects

#WomenNotObjects is a campaign that is calling on the advertising industry to stop objectifying women to sell products. This video is entitled 'We are #WomenNotObjects' was inspired by Google searches by ad executive Madonna Badger. After searching 'objectification of women', she was met with thousands of adverts from many industries that use women's bodies to sell their products, often in incredibly sexual and uncomfortable ways. Many of the ads come from well known brands such as Tom Ford, Burgerking and Budweiser.

This campaign is very similar to the campaign I have in mind for my own project, however I believe that it should feature both men and women, as it isn't only women's bodies that are sexually objectified (although it is the majority), however sexual objectification damages men's mental health also.

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